An experienced Stroud handyman with a broad base of skills to tackle most of the regular maintenance jobs around your home, business or rental property.

maintenance tools
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Work Undertaken

  • Painting and Decorating (exterior and interior, walls, woodwork and masonry)
  • Smaller Decorating Tasks (touching up and leak stain patching, filling cracks, siliconing around baths and showers, repairing grout)
  • Carpentry (adjusting doors, fitting locks)
  • Plumbing (repairing or replacing taps or waste pipes, unblocking sinks and toilets, fitting sinks, basins, washing machines, dishwashers)
  • Electrical (repair or replace light fittings, switches and sockets)
  • Odd Jobs (fitting shelves, hanging pictures, assembling flat pack, fitting draught proofing, moving furniture, etc)
  • Basic Repairs (whitegoods)

* This is not an exhaustive list so a quick call or email is always recommended.